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Regional Outdoor Retail and Entertainment Facility

“This is one of the most reliable and cooperative medical services. They will go above and beyond to fit your needs. Your EMTs are professional and very accommodating. I would recommend U.S. Safety Services to anyone!”

―Rudy E., General Manager, Regional Outdoor Retail and Entertainment Facility

National Convention

“Your team was very professional and thorough. After a wall collapsed on my Registration Supervisor your medic was quick and thorough in coming up to check on her and run vitals at the scene. I look forward to working with you all next year when we are back in San Antonio.”

―Kendra M., Exhibition Manager, National Convention

Bowl Games & Parades

“Medic was great and the service was excellent. Thank you!”

―Emily H., Event Director, Bowl Games & Parades

National Service Organization

“Your services were great. While I only know of a few instances that US Safety Services was called upon (thank goodness), I know that everything was taken care of wonderfully. Thank goodness we had only minor medical needs, but the medic that I personally saw handling a situation did great. I know that US Safety Services works in the Convention Center on most shows so they know the people and the building well. It was nice that you already had a relationship with our Event Coordinator so she could reach out to you directly (and vice versa) if anything was needed that I couldn’t get to right away.”

―Alisha C., Meeting and Event Coordinator, National Service Organization

Non-Profit Membership Association

“From my perspective, expectations not only met, but exceeded.  I think (thankfully!) our only actual incident was when I needed a band-aid for a blister on my foot, so I can’t comment on the actual performance of the EMTs other than the nice guy who handed me the band-aids. But where your team set itself apart from other providers we’ve used in other cities was communication.  Advance communication was efficient and easy; onsite calls and texts from the EMTs letting us know that they had arrived or needed a quick break and would be right back were above and beyond other providers have done for us; and the accuracy and speed of delivery of the post-event invoice was great. It was fantastic working with you and the entire team and we will absolutely use you again should we have another event in San Antonio.”

―Terry R., Non-Profit Membership Association

Large Entertainment Group

“It was great working with your team!  Really appreciate you guys being able to make this last minute request happen.  I have nothing negative/constructive to add. Everything went seamlessly.  Your medic was very nice and easy going.  Great to work with.  We were all running around a little crazy on site so we didn’t have a ton of time to spend with him but he had everything he needed and fortunately I don’t think we had any medical issues that needed to be addressed. Everything was great.”

―Lauren R., Large Entertainment Group

Regional Sporting Organization

“I plan and implement 10 large events a year and have always used US Safety Services for my medial team at these events. Your staff has always been a pleasure to work with. They arrive to events early, are friendly to our participants, and work well with our staff. This past weekend at our Fit Family Challenge event I looked over at the food table (which the medic was stationed next too) and the medic was helping our staff pass out food. During our soccer tournament back in October we had a number of people working on deflating soccer balls as the tournament was winding down. The US Safety Services medic jumped in to help deflate balls as well. Even though they are not expected to help with these activities, their willingness to pitch in during their down time is very appreciated and does not go unnoticed.”

―Mandy A., Regional Sporting Organization